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Technology Will Find a Way...into Your Home

Microsoft has +$136 billion to deploy and TikTok is a clear acquisition target. Will this deal make Microsoft a direct competitor of Facebook? This week I hosted an event to discuss how to build your grow through acquisitions.


E-commerce results in new Bankruptcies & Mergers

Read why Stripe will become the next FAANG stock. Why Teladoc Health and Livongo created telehealth the hottest sector of 2020. And why this year we have experienced record bankruptcies so far.


NYC is Bankrupt and the World has Moved On

In this week's newsletter, learn why: NYC is dead and will take five years to turn around. Startups are Research & Development centers and not good business models. And check out the newest Shark Tank show for SaaS Deals.


The High Costs of Startup Education

In this week's newsletter, learn why: Startups are a Great Educational Investment How Students are Overpaying for College Classes My Billion Dollar Idea to Standardize Global Education


The Future is Coming Lightning Fast

Yesterday Tesla had a fantastic battery day launch. In today's newsletter, I discuss the fraud Nikola Motors was accused of and the TikTok deal.