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UiPath's One Billion Dollar IPO

Another Billion Dollar IPO coming your way. This time in robotic software. UiPath strong top line revenue growth, increasing gross margin and on the path to positive cash flows. The company is well positioned to dominate.


A trillion here, A trillion there

Biden's Infrastructure Bill will cost us trillions of dollars. There's too much money being invested in small programs. To upgrade America, we need to think BIG.


Bumbling Bubbles: SPACs Crypto and the Moon

Billions have been raised and made in 2021 so far. The SPAC and crypto markets are leading the charge.


SPACtacular Investments

SPACs are the hottest new investment vehicle. In the last 12 months, we saw +$100 billion in SPACs to come to market. Each of them looking for private businesses to acquire.


Betting Big on Bitcoin

From $5,000 to $50,000 in 11 months. Bitcoin has had quite the bull run. And the cryptocurrency has no plans of slowing down. Retail investors have been rotating between meme stocks and Bitcoin this month. Making money on b