About us

Five years ago, I started the started the Financier as a quarterly newsletter for investors. Originally I would discuss our best ideas with investors but felt it was time to do more.

The TechFinancier launched as we dove deeper into the world of technology and software. Here you will find my best ideas discussing the business of technology.

My Origins with Investing

My investment career began on Wall Street right before the Great Recession Crisis. During college, I interned at the top banks and consuming every book on value investing.

After graduating, I worked with hedge funds at J.P. Morgan to learn from the best investors of our time. In 2013, I co-founded Golden Door to buy and build small businesses.

The Beginnings of Golden Door

Our quarterly letter would provide the latest industry insight and discuss our best investment ideas.

Started out of the Golden Door family, the Financier was investment newsletter designed to give quarterly updates. In 2019, we launched the Capital Call podcast to provide people with better access to our ideas. You can watch my YouTube videos where I summarize all of my content and interview industry experts.

From investor to content creator

As social media exploded, I began to test different verticals. Personally, I prefer networking in-person but social media is exponentially better.

From Twitter to LinkedIn, I have connected with thousands of experts and enthusiasts in the industry. Today I publish dozens of pieces of content everyday.

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