Why I'm bullish on Twitter

I'm bullish on Twitter's future. New CEO & Product Roadmap are exciting developments.

First up, congrats to Parag Agarwal, the new CEO of Twitter. He’s one of eight Indian tech CEOs who immigrated from India. This is bullish for immigrants and Twitter.

@Jack Steps Down

Jack Dorsey has been running Twitter since inception. After launching Square, major shareholders were competing for this executive time. It’s tough to be CEO of two major companies. Just ask Elon.

So the executive transition at Twitter should not come as a surprise. In fact, I find it to be bullish.

Twitter’s Product Roadmap

If you’re a Twitter Power User, then you’re familiar with all of its recent product launches: Twitter Blue, Spaces, Communities and much more. So making Parag, the former CTO now CEO, is a greenlight. He made his first acquisition as CEO of Quill, the messaging app, to improve Twitter's DM product as well.

It shifts Twitter’s focus from social networking to product development.

The company already has a massive user base (+200 million). Now the company needs to focus on developing communities. Compounding active users is a longer term game. LinkedIn did this to build the world’s largest professional network.

The Road to Monetization

Now the company needs to monetize its current user base. For example, last month was the first time I paid for social media through Twitter Blue ($3). Great product and delivers 10x the value for paid users.

Paid Communities and Spaces are a BlueSky as well.

The opportunity to create specific niches to compete against Clubhouse and Discord is a good strategy. It reinforces current user activity on the platform. And retention is key when monetizing long tail user activity.

Let me know what you think of Twitter's future.

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