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The Economics of Crypto

Ethereum is the world’s super computing. It is a decentralized network building the new Internet. What’s the new Internet, you ask? Some call it Web3, others call it Web 3.0

You see, from the early days of computing, we went from centralized servers to decentralized networks. Decentralized networks came from the internet. Since Tim Berners-Lee launched the World Wide Web in 1990, we’ve watched the internet grow at an incredible rate.

So what happened next? Well it took a few years until personal computing became available to everyone. Then mobile phones and social media gave people their own identity. But we didn’t control the information. Big Tech controlled the data.

But not anymore. The few will not control the many.

Well that’s the vision. We are still a few years away from this concept but it’s a work in progress.

Endless investment opportunities

Today developers are making decentralized applications. Everyday we get one step closer to decentralization. The difference now is users can now invest in these apps. With no intermediaries. If you use the network you can invest in the network.

So where should you invest? Well today it’s tough to learn about the latest technologies. Too much happens too fast. No one, not even I, can keep up with everything. So that’s why I bring together the best ideas. That’s why I built a crypto community.

No where else will you find a breakdown of utility tokens and on-chain metrics in real-time. This is your guide on how to monetize the internet.

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