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Hey, I’m Vijar

Nice to meet you, I’m an Investor and Content Creator.

From operations to investing, technology has always fascinated me. Today it impacts people every day in more ways than one. Follow me to learn more about my journey.

My origins on Investing in 2007

My investment career began on Wall Street right before the Great Recession Crisis. During college, I interned at the top banks and consuming every book on value investing.

After graduating, I worked with hedge funds at J.P. Morgan to learn from the best investors of our time. In 2013, I co-founded Golden Door to buy and build small businesses.

From investor to content creator

As social media exploded, I began to test different verticals. Personally, I prefer networking in-person but social media is exponentially better.

From Twitter to LinkedIn, I have connected with thousands of experts and enthusiasts in the industry. Today I publish dozens of pieces of content everyday

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