My Tech Investment Guide

This guide is a deep dive into technology investing.

A Deep Dive in Tech

This guide is a deep dive into technology investing. As a tech buyer or investor, you'll find different ways to value technology services. So together we'll discover incentives for both buyers and sellers. This will include software, hardware, subscriptions and services.

Why Start an Investment Guide?

I started this guide because of my own interest in technology. Over the years I've been a major user of software and hardware. Always buying the latest devices.

In high school I even had a Red Hat Linux machine and played with several open source operating systems.  When I started investing I couldn't find any good resources on technology.

For too long the tech world has been dominated by venture capitalists. Which is fine because they made so many new technologies possible. But now some tech sectors are maturing. You can't go in any corner to any part of the world without touching some software.

And with my experience working with middle market companies, technology continues to be a core piece of the business.  But what I discovered is most people don't know how to approach it.

Valuing Technology is Hard

Most content I've seen focuses on entrepreneurs and investors. Not much on tech buyers.

This struck me as odd. Corporate IT divisions spend billions on new technologies every year. Why aren't they included in the conversation? This is why we include the buying side.

Let's Begin with the Customer

As an operator I realized that the customer is your best venture capitalist.  You can't hide behind zero sales. So through my research I realized how important technology buyers were. In fact I would put greater emphasis on the buyers than the sellers. Since buyers are writing the big checks.

So this guide will do a deep dive on both sides of the equation. But with a heavier emphasis on technology buyers. Something unique you won't find on any other investment website. We will provide live interviews, market updates and much more about the technology landscape.

This guide is perfect tech investors, buyers and founders. You'll get the insights on where money is spent and how it is spent. Plus you may be able to make some money on your own as well.

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