High Tech Trends Alert

Want the best investment ideas before they become headline news?

In 2004, Peter Thiel came across an interesting trend: all Ivy League students were using one social network. In a few weeks time, students from Harvard and Stanford connected online.

Six months later, every single college in the country had access to this social network. The company had over 1 million registered users by the end of the year.

Peter decided to invest $500,000 in this network. With this angel investment, thefacebook.com dropped ‘the’ and became Facebook. Ten years later, Peter became a billionaire from that single investment.

Hunting for deals

Since co-founding an investment firm in 2013, I’ve been on the hunt for the best investment ideas. Researching for new ideas means interviewing industry experts, meeting billionaire investors and reading endless annual shareholder letters.

Like Thiel, I’m looking for trends before they become headline news.

Why invest in new ideas?

To invest ahead of the curve. To protect our capital. And to create ever-lasting wealth. After years of doing this research, we’ve decided to make them available to you.

Introducing High Tech Trends

You see, every week thousands of investors read my Financier newsletter for the latest business and investment ideas. They apply this knowledge to their investment portfolio every week.

In addition to this, each week I receive dozens of messages from tech executives looking for new ideas or investments based on my content.

Most of these folks don’t want to miss out on the next big tech wave.

Regardless, I have a strong opinion on the financial markets and have spent thousands of hours researching new ideas and industries, documenting how we would invest in each opportunity.

As a result, we’ve decided to launch High Tech Trends, a weekly email report that gives deep insight into new technologies and how to invest in them tomorrow.

Example topics include:

  • The 3 Best Ways to Identify Profitable High Growth Stocks for the Long-term
  • From Zero to IPO in 8 years and Why Warren Buffett invested in this blockbuster deal
  • “Voice Technology” ...And 7 Other New Keywords in the Tech Industry that are trending upward

We plan to charge $25 per month or $299 per year as we expand our team and invest more into the High Tech Trends Report.

But for you, our early subscribers, we’re charging a one-time fee of $49 for a lifetime access to all our reports. The first 100 subscribers will receive past newsletters as well as 4 new reports a month for this discounted rate.

Regular Updates of New Ideas

Members of the High Tech Trends newsletter receive early access to all my ideas and exclusive access to some of my best ideas and deep dive analysis around them. Members also get:

  • Regular updates about our focus stocks and ideas,
  • Direct access to me if you have questions about any of our ideas
  • Monthly updates of our ideas, including a review of all recommendations made since inception of the service
  • Active ongoing research into stocks we are following but not yet buying.

Good technology investments require hard work, patience and an eye for new trends. This newsletter showcases those trends by picking winners and analyzing losers.

The nature of technology is not all of them work. Innovation outpaces even the largest businesses.

But when they work, technology stocks deliver higher returns, well outperforming market indices.

How? By accelerating the rate of innovation across the globe.

And if you’re unhappy with the product, please let us know and we’ll refund you your money...no questions asked.

Look forward to hearing from you,

Vijar Kohli, the Financier

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