Why we need to kill the Infrastructure Bill

Why we need to kill the Infrastructure Bill - the $3 trillion deficit will crush the U.S. economy

We’re burning $3 trillion 🔥

Unlimited government spending is killing us. We need a hard limit. Every time a rule is made, someone’s privilege is taken away. And new stimulus bills are no different. We are living on borrowed time.

Most governments don’t have a structure to repeal laws. We create too many without a sunset clause. In a free market economy, this begins limiting our freedoms.

The country cannot continue its deficit spending.

Let’s do some government math

Today the American government has a ~$3 trillion budget deficit. Our problem is we keep adding to our debt load. Without improving our revenue base.

I want to see politicians come up with massive spending cuts instead of massive spending increases. This would require politicians to audit the country’s current financial position. I bet they will find billions in wasteful spending. Lots of taxpayer money with zero or negative ROI.

What would I do if I worked in the government? Create a $10 trillion cut spending program. It may be painful in the short term but I think we need to terminate major government initiatives. Shift some of the pressure to the private sector. Change our economic stance on a dime.

The government’s goal is not to make a profit. But it should at least break even. A $3 trillion deficit is no longer acceptable.

Why do we need to cut spending?

Here are the macro problems we need to address

  • America is losing its leadership position
  • Our currency is devaluing a rapid rate
  • We’ve exhausted all monetary resources

Reducing the debt will create breathing room to address these problems.

The reality is the U.S. economy will break before it gets better. History doesn’t repeat but sure does rhyme. The best example is Japan. From 1986 to 1991, Japan had an asset bubble crisis. They took on significant debt. This led to economic stagnation. The country has flat to low growth with low interest rates.

Today the problem is the U.S. government is not a great capital allocator.

For starters, the growing deficit is costing American taxpayers real money. We are living on borrowed time. A massive deficit results in greater debt. Something we cannot afford to pay back.

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